SecurityVehicle gate systems provide convenience and security, however, high levels of force are created when a remote control gate is in motion. This type of force can be hazardous (and potentially deadly) to people, animals or vehicles that may happen to be in the gate’s path.

As a precaution, safety devices are required to be installed in order to protect vehicles and the public. Perimeter Security Systems has extensive knowledge in the current UL 325 Safety Standards and will make sure your gate system is up to code with these regulations.


  • Incorporate all safety features appropriate for the specific application
  • Utilize an operator suited for the gate size, type, weight, and frequency of use
  • Separate pedestrian access from vehicle access
  • Conspicuously display all warnings and instructions
  • Provide access devices and systems for the end user requirements
  • Reduce pinch points, traffic hazards, and unauthorized use
  • Create a safe, user-friendly, high quality, reliable system
  • Abide by UL 325 Safety Standards

Safety devices include sensor loops and detectors, photo eyes, gate edge packages, precautionary signage, safety edges and emergency reversing devices built into the gate operator circuitry. Perimeter Security Systems will be able to guide you through a wide selection of the proper safety devices for your gate system and come up with the most effective options to ensure you are taking the proper precautions.